Meditation Gift Ideas Under $25

Meditation Gift Ideas $25 and Under

Searching for the best meditation gift ideas for her? Check out my favorites listed below. 

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Meditation gift ideas
Tibetan Singing Bowl Set:  I love this bowl. As a matter of fact I got one as a gift and have brought two others since. When she rings this bell she's going to feel spiritual, loved and protected. The sounds set a peaceful vibe and will allow her to have a beautiful experience within her practice. 

Singeek Essential Oil Burner: Things that smell good feel good. Essential oils boost meditation practice! (I have two different burners.) Spiritual and mystic with its design, she's going to love it! You can add the essential oil set below for a complete gift. 

NATRĂ„L Essential oil set: Not only are these great for the diffuser above, she'll use these to rub on her skin, add to lotions and soaps--and for any other self-made creations she has. This set is great because there's tons of variety, so you don't have to worry she won't like the scent.

Eye pillow set: Deep meditation starts off with comfort. Give her the gift of concentration with this pillow set that blocks out the light. There are two pillows within this set--one for yoga practice and one for meditation. She'll love the aromatherapy that comes with it! 

Meditation Gift IdeasMoldavite Crystal: Shopping for a mystic? This crystal would be perfect! Moldavite is known for helping users tap into their third eye when used to meditate. She's going to have so much fun with this one. 

Meditation Gifts IdeasMandala Throws: These tapestries are so beautiful. She's going to love these to use when she's travelling or if it's chilly out she can use as a meditation blanket. Gorgeous and versatile--just what a girl needs in her meditation tool stash.

Meditation Gift Ideas
OM Scarf: For the fashionista who loves to 'OM'. Super cute scarf, which can double up as a meditation shawl to keep her warm during her sessions. 

Meditation Gift Ideas
Inspirational Keychain: Remind her of her practice with this keychain "One Breath At A Time." 

Meditation Gift Ideas
Chakra Crystal Set: Help her clear her chakras and make meditation fun with this crystal set. These crystals are calming and soothing and will help her to heal and balance her chakras while she uses them during meditation. 

Meditation Gift IdeasMindfulness Meditation Series: This CD is by Jon Kabat Zinn. American guru and world renown mindfulness teacher. Let her mix up her practice a little bit with his soothing voice and instruction. He's one of my favorites and bound to become one of hers too! 

Meditation Gift Ideas
Diffuser: Speaking of mindfulness, help her become more mindful through the use of breath. She's going to love this diffuser. A constant stream of beautiful aroma will remind her to breath--helping her to relax naturally. I couldn't live without mine (which I also got as a gift by the way). 

Meditation Gift Ideas

Meditation Journal: Give her the space to write her hopes and goals--as well as her intentions within her practice. Nourishing self-reflection, this journal brings her home to herself, allowing an increased amount of peace within her practice, and her life. 

Meditation Gift IdeasKarma Scents Premium Incense: Smell. Can you tell it means a lot during meditation? These sweet smells come straight from India and are going to help her feel peaceful and connected during her practice. 

Meditation Gift IdeasBeautiful Incense Holder: She's going to love this piece. Buddha is so calm and soothing and will help her feel connected on the mat and off. 

meditation gift ideas Prayer Beads: Soulful jewelry for the spirit-centered meditator. These sacred power Mala's are a way to increase her connection to her divinity. She can use this to help her focus during her Japa meditation practice or simply to wear as a way of staying connected to the energy of her intention. 

Meditation Gift Ideas

Meditation Cushion: There's nothing better than being able to meditate without getting the prickles of your legs going numb. Comfortable sitting supports a long-term practice. She will love you for this! 

That's it! These are some fundamentals for meditation and any woman would love these gifts! 
For more gifts, check out my 'Meditation Gift Ideas Shopping List' here. 
OX, Martita 

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