The Benefits of Meditation Tools

Meditation tools take your meditation practice from ok to ah-may-zing. There are several reasons why. Read more about it below.

meditation tools benefits of

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Meditation tools are anything that you use to enhance your meditation practice. This can be everything from a meditation cushion to meditation crystals. It's whatever you're using that will motivate you or allow you to continue to practice meditation.

As you probably already know, meditation doesn't work unless you practice.

Meditation is practice.

It's the act of consciously taking time out to relax and let go.

The more you practice letting go, the easier it will be to apply it when you're having strong feelings or emotions come up.

This makes all the difference in how peaceful you are through your life.

Mental wellness is a direct result of your ability to let go.

Practicing, on a daily basis is crucial to your success.

Meditation tools support you in your practice. I've listed several ways how below.

The Benefits of Meditation Tools 

1. Meditation tools help you to personalize your practice. I've been teaching meditation to people all over the world--for years. At least ten at this point. And what I've found is that the more personal you make your meditation practice, the more successful you'll be in maintaining that practice on a daily basis.

Personalization can be anything from buying a zafu or cushion that you like, creating a meditation altar, or even how you start your practice. Some people start their practice by ringing a meditation bell, others pray holding a crystal.

Meditation tools help to create a practice that is yours.

Its the same as feeling good in your home. Your home is full of things that feel good to you when you use them or you look at them. Which ends up making you feel even better.

Meditation tools are an extension of who you are.

For example, using a blanket. You can use your regular blanket as a meditation blanket, but choosing one that feels good to you and connects you to your sacred Self as you practice is going to boost your practice.

For example, the blanket below. Tell me that's not gorgeous.

You're going to feel good using it. It'll settle you, allowing you to relax even further. Which as you know, makes for an even better session!

2. Meditation tools support your practice. They are made for the explicit use of meditation. This means that they make your session easier for you.

Take this meditation timer for example. This timer was made for meditators. It has intervals so that you can practice different meditations within your session and be alarmed when it's time to switch. Not only this but It's alarm choices are soft and inviting. One of the alarms is a beautiful gong.

Can you imagine your alarm bringing you out of your practice in a way that feels as if you are in a Buddhist temple or as you would on a meditation retreat?

Normal alarm clocks don't take these things into account. But for a meditator, these things matter.

Those that create meditation products know this. Their products are crafted for you, the meditator. They look at your problems and create solutions.

Like this headband by Muse. It's great for the beginning meditator in that it helps you to shift back into your practice when your mind strays.

It takes your brainwaves and translates them into weather sounds. When it senses you're thinking (AKA when it senses you're not focused on your breath, or your chakras--whatever your focal point) it intensifies the weather sounds to bring you back into the present and back into your focal point. This is an amazing meditation tool for your practice.

This things can make you a better meditator in quicker time. That's the power of meditation tools.

3. Meditation tools allow you to bring the spiritual into your practice. Your spirituality is part of who you are. Blending that aspect of yourself, with your meditation practice will build an even deeper foundation than simply meditating for say, emotional wellness. This will boost your practice, making you 100 times more likely to meditate then without that blend of spirituality and meditation.

Using statues or ritual are an example of this, as well as using things such as incense, crystals, mala beads, bells and certain types of music. 

These are all tools that will take your practice to new heights. 

4. Meditation tools make your meditation practice comfortable.  Benches, cushions, blankets and clothing made for meditation will help you to relax easier within your practice. These things allow for a better leg positioning and comfort you wouldn't have without them. These cushions and benches are shaped differently and they promote relaxation as you use them. 

For example this meditation seat. Notice how her legs are positioned below her hips which allows for a release of pressure. This seat fosters a session that will not create the pins and needles feeling in your legs. Only a meditation seat would do that. 

5. Meditation tools make your meditation practice fun. Crystals, guided meditation audios, binaural meditation sets, pyramids and other meditation tools create a completely different vibe during practice. They allow you to do something you wouldn't normally do. 

For example--did you know that using certain crystals during meditation can enhance your psychic abilities? Your sessions have an added boost that they wouldn't without these meditation tools. 

Or even using something like this meditation set by Kasina. These glasses and binaural beats create an expanded meditation experience using a combination of sound and color. 

Amazing stuff man. 

Boredom is the biggest meditation killer. 

Meditation tools like this can create a much-needed mixture of fun within your practice, allowing you to continue meditating when things begin feeling a little humdrum. 

They support you to keep going! Which is why I'm a huge advocate for them. 

Well, that's it! Those are the benefits to meditation tools. You may like my new 'Meditation Tools Products Shopping Guide' I've created here. You'll find my top recommendations for the all the good meditation stuff out there. 

I hope this has helped! 

meditation tools benefits of

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