Gorgeous Meditation Blankets Must Haves!

Being comfortable within your meditation practice is crucial. 

Training yourself to let go of your thoughts and feelings is hard enough without having to deal with stuff like being too cold. 


Being cold is a distraction. 

(Yeah, the entire practice of meditation is about learning to be ok with the distractions of the world--but being cold shouldn't be one of them!)

Here's a list of my favorite meditation blankets. Take a look and let me know what you think below!

Criteria: Beauty, comfort & value.

Meditation Blankets Must Haves 2019 

Pure Cashmere Prayer Shawl: Soft and stylish--cashmere that comes straight from Tibet. (Need I say more?!) When you wear this you're wearing the Himalayas (Nomads carry it over the Himalayas to the skilled hands of artisans in Nepal.) Gorgeous and functional, this shawl makes a beautiful gift for yourself or for someone you love. Find it here.

Ahimsa Silk Meditation Shawl: These shawls are pure silk and are great for men and women alike. They come in four colors and are created in India. You can either use this as a fashion piece while you're out or keep it strictly for your meditation practice. Find these here.

Alpaca Meditation Shawl: Ok guys. Tell me this isn't gorgeous?! This is a true fave. Hailing from Peru--this shawl comes in two colors and is made from Alpaca & Silk. There are seven medallions representing the 7 chakra centers along the back which adds to spiritual feeling whenever you wear it. Simply beautiful. Purchase here.

Meditation Shawl by Om Shanti: These shawls remind me of the Ashrams in India. Much like the ones I remember seeing in the meditation halls there-they are traditionally designed. Perfect for men and women alike these shawls allow for a comfortable practice with its light breathable fabric. Check them out here.

Polartec Fleece Meditation Cloak: These two are meditating inside but this cloak should be used for outside meditation. Fuzzy and warm, this is perfect for park meditation during the fall months (and winter if you're ok with the cold). You can take this along to any outside retreats you're headed to, to stay comfy from head to toe without distractions from the wind or cold temp. Great for serious meditators ready to mix up their practice by taking it outside. Buy this here. 

Indian Mantra Shawls: Buddha lovers unite! Made in India--these gorgeous shawls come in a ton of colors. I love the design and the versatility. You can wear these out to your yoga class, or even as a simple shawl. Buy yours here.

Beautiful Braja Clothing Gayatri Mantra & Om Mantra shawl:  Om--the sound of oneness or dissolving into the universe. Made in India--the perfect shawl when you just need a quick cover up. The colors are beautiful too! Grab yours here.

NovaHaat Magenta Embroidered Kashmir Shawl Wrap: This wrap brings me back to India. It's bright beautiful colors feel alive and bring me to a happy place when I look at them. This if perfect for the sunny side of you! Its large as well and made from high quality wool. You can use this outside or in your home. The design is gorgeous and would be great as a gift. Find them here

Elegant Lotus Mandala Cotton Scarf: This is a great scarf for summer coverup. When your shoulders are bare and you need to feel cocooned and comfy. Find this one here.


Lotus Meditation Shawl by BuddhaGroove: So cute! Perfect for light coverage. I love it for inside use or when I'm outside and theres a light breeze. Fashionable too! Can be worn as the gorgeous model is as a scarf outside of your practice. Plus there are three colors so theres some variety with their choices. Find it here

There you have it! My top choices for meditation blankets. I've gotten a lot of questions on whether its a necessity or not. My response? YES. You can always throw whatever you have in the house on in terms of blankets but where's the fun and ritual in that? (Not to mention are you really going to take your blanket to the streets?)  I'm all about making your meditation practice as unique to you as possible. The more you love the way things look, the more connected to self, and feeling joyful you are. So yes. Get one that speaks to you! 

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