3 Tips To Restore And Heal Your Throat Chakra

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Healing your chakras is crucial in both physical and mental health. Your chakras are your foundation--so when you heal them, you're healing it all! Now looking at your chakras, your throat chakra is probably one of the ones that need the most work. Why? Because you're a woman. Women naturally have a tendency to stay quiet about things. I'll explain more below.

Throat Chakra Healing

Ok--as I was saying earlier, us women have a really hard time speaking our truth. I don't know if its simply the nurturing side of ourselves--or if historically we've just been taught to shut up? I'm not sure exactly, but I do know that if you were to ask me which chakra to start healing, I'd definitely say your throat chakra.

Signs Your Throat Chakra Needs Healing

1. You don't like 'stepping on people toes.' You're the type of girl that likes to allow flow in your life. You'd prefer to stay quiet, rather than make waves.

2. You often let others have their way.

3. You stay quiet when you want to speak up. 

4. You don't know how to defend yourself or your position. 

5. You're dishonest. (No judgment here, but dishonesty means you don't feel secure enough to speak your truth. This is not good for throat chakra flow.)

These are just five reasons your throat chakra needs healing.

You see, your chakras work best with flow. This means you represent the ideas that your chakras represent  to the fullest capacity. For example, with your throat chakra, your throat chakra represents your ability to speak your truth. It is the part of you that houses how you speak to the world, and to yourself.

If you do any of the five above, then you can guarantee your throat chakra isn't flowing in the way it should be.

Wide open, flowing chakras happen when you're allowing yourself to be who you are. When you stop allowing yourself to be who you are you close them off. They then need healing.

So yeah, its noble that you don't want to create waves, and you care about how others are feeling--but here's the deal. Are you doing it in a way thats detrimental to your own well-being?

That's something you need to check yourself on, on a consistent basis.

Alright--that being said, lets talk about throat chakra healing.

Ways To Heal Your Throat Chakra

I have lots women in my life. And I swear to you, not speaking up is probably the worst trait within a lot of them. It's not their fault, or yours if it resonates. There are just communication issues. So learning how to communicate will not only heal your throat chakra, but also keep it wide open and flowing for the future.

Ok, so how to communicate? 

Here are some methods:

1. Start journaling. Journaling is going to allow you to process your emotions and those things that you need to talk about but aren't in a healthy way. Journaling your feelings is communicating them. You don't need to communicate your feelings directly to the person in order to communicate them. You only need to let them out-period. Journaling helps with that.

2. Start Being Honest: No holds barred type of honest. The type that really lets your feelings known. I understand why that scares you. The idea that you have a right and a say triggers a bunch of crap. But  not sharing what you want to say to someone is more detrimental to you in the long run, then just saying it. Even if you're stepping on toes, or making waves. So make those waves baby.
  3.  Share what you're feeling, as you're feeling it. Share it with your partner, share it with your co-workers/managers, share it with your family. If you feel a certain way, and you have a nagging feeling that they need to know, or if not sharing it is stopping you from being who you are, then you need to communicate it. So who does one communicate? You communicate by taking some breaths, tapping in to spirit, or love, and then expressing what you feel and/or what you'd like within the situation. This is a really condensed version of how to communicate. But thats the gist. Start from a loving place--then share.

4. Start seeing a therapist. Seeing a professional will give you an outlet to let your voice be heard. Its like having a friend that listens to everything you have to say, except they don't have their own opinions or judgments. Therapy is a judgment free zone--which makes for super easy opening up. Not to mention they know how to connect to that inner issue and help you let it out. Therapy is so good for you. There's no reason not to try it.

5. Embrace who you are. Start being ok with yourself. Learn to radically love and accept yourself so that you're able to be open no matter what. This radical acceptance is crucial to your peace of mind and towards your spirituality. Sacred Self loves. If you're not loving and accepting, you're not being your sacred Self! This means, you're not being who you're meant to be while you're here. Why waste time? Step into yourself. Step into your light.

Ok beauty!! That's it! These are five steps to opening up that throat chakra. Throat chakra healing is all about communication. If you communicate, you're stepping into who you are. So practice this always! 

If you're looking for legit tips and techniques to helping you open up more and begin communicating, check out "Communication Secrets of Powerful People." This book teaches you everything you need to do to communicate with others, share what you're feeling in a good way and embrace who you are. It also comes with a workbook to help. Check it out here.

Remember, BE more of your SELF today.

Throat chakra healing

Chakra Healing For A Blissful Life

Chakra Healing For A  Blissful Life

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Chakra healing obliterates the need for any other type of healing modalities. Why? Because you're getting to the root of the issues, by healing your foundation. The key to living blissfully--is to allow for a deeper flow within your chakras. Read on to learn more.


As I talked about in this energy healing article, chakra healing is one of many energy healing modalities. There are several! To be honest I’ve used quite a few, but chakra healing tends to be one of my top five go to’s. It’s convenient and easy, and in my opinion, one of the most powerful too!

Chakra Healing

Chakra healing has been around for-e-ver. The Vedas (sacred indian text) go back as much as 1500 B.C. and reference them throughout. So it’s no surprise that you’re interested in learning about it. It works!

(Hopefully you’ve read all about chakras, but if not check this article out first. Then come back so we can talk about healing.)

So what is chakra healing exactly?

Your energy centers are your vitality. They are your connection to your spiritual self, and the rest of the world.

When you feel good, your chakras are open and flowing. Just as your spiritual self is.

When you feel bad, they are more constricted, and not as open and flowing as they are meant to be.
This creates physical disease, emotional issues, and mental illness.

Chakra healing is a way to open up your energy centers so that they flow easily and openly.

Chakra healing is focused attention on your chakras, allowing more space by adding sacred energy--healing energy, to your chakras.

This energy creates more flow, allowing for a better state of mind, physical wellness and emotional healing.

So what are some ways you can add healing energy to your chakras, allowing them to heal?

Energy Healing Modalities for Chakra Healing

Ok, so broken down to simplistics, all of your chakras correspond to certain attributes. For example your third eye chakra corresponds with psychic seeing, and connection to the spiritual. So if you feel you’d like an increased sense of connection to that realm, you would work on opening up and balancing that chakra.

If you feel disconnected to feeling secure in your life, or you feel an abundance of fear or a type of disconnection to peace, healing your root chakra can help with that.

Use one of the modalities below to focus on the corresponding chakra(s).

There are so many different energy healing modalities when it comes to chakra healing. I mean tons! The list will go on and on. But I’ve compiled a smaller, more digestible list for you here. These are some of my favorites and what I recommend when healing your chakras.

You can choose a couple of favorites, or try and use all five. To be honest with you, I’m constantly using different energy healing modalities, depending on what I’m feeling and going through on any particular day.

Sometimes I choose which modality to use based on ease, others based on the feeling I want to achieve.

There’s no perfect or right way to do this. It’s all about you, and what you’re drawn to.

If you’re not drawn to any, move through the list, giving different things a try, until you find something that feels good, and resonates the most.

Experience is the best teacher. So get started implementing the modalities and take it from there!

A quick note on healing: Chakra healing is all about balance. If you can create movement within your chakras, that is excellent. But you also have to create movement within your life to sustain the healing. Be open to saying yes to life more, loving yourself and others more, accepting things more, and forgiving yourself and others more. This is how you can flow like your spiritual self does. But the best thing about energy healing is? As you begin to heal your chakras, your spiritual self stands out more, and you’re able to become more of that open person you need to be in order to be the best you can in all facets of your life. I guess what I’m saying is, don’t be afraid to roll with the changes chakra healing provides. It’s good for you and it will take you far.


First off, Reiki. Reiki is hands down, my absolute favorite chakra healing modality. Reiki is a very direct way to allow energy in. It comes in from universal energy above you, creating space and movement in all four of your energy bodies, by flowing through your chakras. 

I love to use Reiki on myself when I have issues and on others. It’s super easy, and super comfortable. If I only had one chakra healing modality to use for the rest of my life, it would be this one. 

Reiki is the act of universal light to heal the chakras. It comes in from above and moves through each one of your chakras--healing as it goes. Now, Reiki does require what's called an attunement, but its a really simple process. A Reiki master passes that ability to use this healing energy via distance, or face to face. 

There are several ways to attain this energy and learn to use it, but my favorite (and cheapest to be honest) is through one of my partners "Pure Reiki Mastery." Pure Reiki Mastery comes with three different Reiki manuals (there are three different levels and they go through and attune you for each) as well as videos to go along with them. It also comes with a meditation and music for using during healing. It's a great program! Check them out here.

Chakra Healing Stones (AKA Crystal Healing)

I love crystals. There is nothing more beautiful and calming then the feeling of a crystal in your hands. You can really feel the difference in the energy when you’re around a pure positively charged crystal healing stone. Not to mention they work wonders on opening up and adding that pure healing energy to your chakras.

The way you work with chakra stones is place the chakras on top of the area of the chakra (you'll lie down) and just let them work for about twenty minutes.

Here's an amazing chakra stone infographic by energy muse. Use this chart to pick the stones you're drawn to work on. Check out their site for crystals!

Chakra Color Balancing

Using colors on your chakras is crazy powerful. There is so much healing in color, and when you use color to open up your chakras you will see and feel a difference in your life. One of my favorite books is 'Chakra: Heal and Balance Your Colors.' So much great info here!

The way to heal with color is to simply focus on each chakra within your body while imagining them getting brighter and brighter. Concentrate on each area and imagine them getting brighter and brighter. Do this for a minute on each one. (Don't try to be perfect here. Simply focus. That's how you're going to open them up!) I use this method regularly for healing.

Do you prefer a guided meditation to focusing on opening them up? One of my partner Stephanie has a great course that makes it super easy to open them up and heal them. It's super inexpensive and you can find it here. 

Eating Colorful Foods

Each chakra has its own set of characteristics that work to help you stay balanced. The great thing is the food you eat is an easy way to keep them flowing smoothly! Choosing to eat more of the foods that matter for each chakra is super beneficial. Crazy right? Deborah King has an amazing information article here going into description on each one and the foods to help.


Chanting is simply repeating sounds that resonate with your chakras which help to open them up and allow more energy in. The reason I love chanting so much is because the feeling is so strong and it’s such a simple process! Twenty minutes of consistent chanting really makes a difference in the amount of connection you feel to your spiritual self and your ability to feel present and open.

My favorite chant is "OM." OM is a sacred chant is really helps to heal your chakras as the vibration travels throughout your body. Here's a great video tutorial on using 'OM."


chakra healing
Finally, aromatherapy. I adore aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is basically using the power of essential oils to open up your chakras. Breathing in eseential oils works with your body chemistry to allow healing in every area of your life, which stems from your chakras. The reasons I love aromatherapy so much is because It’s so convenient and calming and energizing and pleasant. You are litterally working on whatever chakra you’re having an issue with in the background of whatever else you’re doing. All  you have to do is light up a candle or plug in your diffuser, and you’ve got healing at the palms of your hands. Its amazing. I use aromatherapy daily. I love smells, and it works for me. You can find an amazing kit on Vida Essentials. So good for you!! These will change your life!

Ok, so these are just a few chakra healing modalities to get started on. If you’re a beginner this is the best place to start.

I hope this has helps!

5 Simple Tricks To Boost Your Meditation Practice

You're meditating (YAY!!). You already know it's the solution to a lot of things you're facing in life. But you're at this point where you feel you can do a little better. I've got you!! Read on for five simple tricks to becoming a better meditator.

Want to Improve Your Spirituality? Try This.

Spirituality for me (as it most probably has been for you) has been an ongoing process. I started off deeply involved with my church--which morphed into Self Realization (thank you meditation) and then becoming awakened through Kundalini Awakening.

Which brings me to where Im at now--consistently incorporating energy work into my life and learning about energy as much as I can.

Over the years I've moved through several different shifts of consciousness, but there's one thing that I recommend to anyone trying to truly step into their spirituality. Read more below.

Become more spiritual    

Gorgeous Meditation Blankets Must Haves!

Being comfortable within your meditation practice is crucial. 

Training yourself to let go of your thoughts and feelings is hard enough without having to deal with stuff like being too cold. 


Being cold is a distraction. 

(Yeah, the entire practice of meditation is about learning to be ok with the distractions of the world--but being cold shouldn't be one of them!)

Here's a list of my favorite meditation blankets. Take a look and let me know what you think below!

The Major Reason Beginning Meditators Quit

I am the biggest cheerleader for meditation there is. Seriously.

Meditation is my life.

If I don't talk about tuning into Spiritual Self once a day, you know there's something wrong with me. 

Its hard not to become an advocate since it healed my generalized anxiety disorder (I had since about the age of nine) and helped me to overcome bulimia. Not to mention meditation is what brought me to Kundalini awakening and lifted me to a completely new phase in my life. One full of transformation and excitement. 

So yeah, meditation is everything. 

Nowadays, I teach meditation to people through my spiritual life coaching practice, along with a few side hustles (insert big name emotional wellness companies here). My life revolves around helping people relax and settle into Self. 

(Did I mention meditation is my life?)

Through out my day I come across a lot of excuses for people wanting to quit. (Thankfully, they're working with me, so I don't let them 😉 )  Meditation isn't exactly the most joyful thing to do in the beginning. We're often head-to-head with a lot of latent emotions and thoughts when we sit, not to mention it can get boring. 

Getting to the point where one experiences sacred Self can take a little bit. 

Meditation Coach Martita Robinson

meditation coach
Meditation coach Martita Robinson believes in an inherent ability to spiritually awaken, overcome mental illness, addiction, excessive thoughts and emotional pain naturally--for good. But, meditation is absolutely necessary. Connecting to Sacred Self daily is the only way to overcome them. 

Learn more about her meditation coaching program 'The Sacred Sedative' here. 

The Five Simplest Ways To Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing is an important practice when becoming the strongest woman you can be! Having all seven of your chakras flowing at optimal level anchors you into spirit and puts you into a place of creation, love and communication with yourself and everyone around you. Spiritually speaking--balancing your chakras is the easiest path to overcoming your daily obstacles as it forms an inner support system that anchors you into your spiritual self. Anyone on a spiritual journey to self-improvement should have chakra balancing at the top of the list!

I’ve created a list of 5 of the simplest ways to chakra balancing using different methods I’ve used in the past to keep my energy centers flowing and alive. Go through the list and start where it feels right. 

how to balance chakras

The Best Meditation Cushions for 2019

Meditation cushions are a must for a long lasting meditation practice. Being able to take your seat without worrying about your legs cramping or that lovely derrière feeling sore makes a difference in how long you're able to sit, and if you even want to sit day after day.

I've done a ton of research on uncovering the best meditation cushions for 2019 so that you're up to date and ready to create your lasting practice.

Criteria: Comfort, value, and beauty level. The combination make for a great meditation cushion!


Best Meditation Cushions 

The Best Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is in my opinion the absolute best way to begin a meditation practice. Starting off your meditation journey cold turkey, without someone helping you to relax is the quickest way to failure in your meditation practice. Why? It just doesn't work. You get bored, you don't think you're doing it right, and most of all, you don't know what feelings you should be going for. But if you get into your practice through a guided meditation, you allow space to open up for actual daily practice. And you'll be more likely to stick to it! (Which is the only way you'll be successful with your meditation practice.) 

My Personal Experience With Guided Meditation

I started meditating about 13 years ago to a guided meditation that put me in a space of stillness and peace. 

I can still remember buying that meditation. I'd been out to garage sales with a friend of mine. We had so much fun that day. She has a joy about her that never fails to lighten my spirits. Well, anyway, I'd brought this used meditation tape (yes tape!) that promised connection to the spiritual self. As someone who grew up with a Christian background, this appealed to me. I wanted to experience spirit. 

It took a few months of daily practice, but I eventually got there. I'd experienced my spiritual self when I least expected it. It just showed up--this feeling of complete peace and stillness. 

It changed my life, and I wouldn't have gotten there unless I was guided to.

I've been teaching meditation ever since, and I will always remember the effects that meditation brought to my life. 

The 7 Chakras

The 7 chakras are your spiritual energy centers. They are your hub and your direct connection to your divinity.


Your body is your temple and your chakras are the pillars keeping it standing strong. The stronger they are, the stronger you are. 

You can also look at them as energy conduits. They keep your temple lit. 

The more energy they have, the brighter they are--and the brighter you are.

I realized I had chakras the day I experienced Kundalini Awakening. 

Stages of Meditation


Knowing the stages of meditation as a beginner can give you something to look forward to, and put your mind at ease when wondering if you’re doing things right or not. 

If you’re just beginning meditation you don’t really understand what the feeling is that people actually experience when they’re deeper in their practice. 

You see these pictures of people looking so serene, and all you can think is, “When will I feel like that?” 

Or, “Why don’t I have that feeling when I meditate?” 

Some other thoughts that probably go through your mind as you meditate are, “Is this meditation? Am I doing this right?” Is this what it’s supposed to feel like?”