The Best Meditation Cushions for 2019

Meditation cushions are a must for a long lasting meditation practice. Being able to take your seat without worrying about your legs cramping or that lovely derrière feeling sore makes a difference in how long you're able to sit, and if you even want to sit day after day.

I've done a ton of research on uncovering the best meditation cushions for 2019 so that you're up to date and ready to create your lasting practice.

Criteria: Comfort, value, and beauty level. The combination make for a great meditation cushion!


Best Meditation Cushions 

Peace Yoga Zafu Cushions: These cushions are not only cute but they’re filled with buckwheat hulls for spine support and cushion you’ll need for a continuous daily practice. It comes in different sizes to accommodate all heights and sizes.

Joyful Yogi Collection Zafu Cushions: Comfort is top priority when choosing a meditation cushion and these are pure winners. Also filled with husk, these cushions are made of soft material that goes where you need it to. These are amazing because they have matching mats available for double the cushion!

Buddha Grove “Feed the Spirit” Chennille Zafu: Feed your spirit by keeping your meditation practice regular! These zafu’s are soft and stylish--made with soft fuzzy chennille. Buckwheat hulls fill these meditation cushions to make for comfortable sitting--each piece originally handcrafted. You won’t find two exactly alike!

Seat Of Your Soul Meditation Cushion: These originally shaped crescent meditation cushions are perfect for hours of sitting cross-legged connecting to spirit. 100% organic--these come in tons of colors including pink, and purple (personal faves)!

Boon Decor Meditation Set: This set is absolutely gorgeous. Non-traditional in its rectangular design, it holds you up just as well, with comfort using buckwheat like its best counterparts. There are several designs and colors available--enough to make your meditation space a sacred work of art.

Poetryoga Zafu Meditation Cushion: As you can see, I chose these for not only comfort but the design! These are gorgeous and prompt a ton of attention when out at meditation class. The design is completely original and bright (cushions are made for comfort too!)

Buddha Grove Brocade Zafu Cushion: These are gorgeous and make me feel like I’m part of the royal party at the local meditation center. I’ll take a seat in the front so I can show them all how meditation is supposed to go! Not only easy to look at but comfort’s top priority with removable buckwheat filling allowing for easy adjustment.


Awaken Higher Self Zabuten Set: Simple and sweet. That’s what does it for me. The extra mat provides extra cushion for those days when you want to have an all day retreat at the crib. This set nurtures your longer practices (think all day)  so you can sit and flow without having to readjust yourself.

Buddha Grove Travel Zafu: Because sometimes you need to take your practice on the road and the smaller the better! But no worries--you won’t sacrifice comfort with the smaller size. This travel meditation cushion packs a lot of punch with its supportive structure. And the design? Gorg! These beauties come straight from India. Keep one on hand when you’ve got to take your practice around the world, or simply to the office.

There you have it! The best meditation cushions for 2019. I hope you love this list! 

Using a meditation cushion is one of the best things you can do for your practice since staying comfortable is a must in maintaining a daily practice. Unlike some of the rumors you may have heard--it is NOT OKAY to sit uncomfortably. Nor is it a sign of valor to meditate through the pain. Fix your position and get comfy! That's the only way you'll drift off into the inner world of you! 

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