Meditation Tools: Watches

Meditation Tools: Watches

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(Make sure you read to the end for a mindfulness practice tip!) 

You ever have one of those moments where you're going into the zone and bam! Out of the blue comes a thought that you may be late to get back to work? A sudden rush of fear burns through you so you open up your eyes only to find that you actually have another 15 minutes left?

Or how about those moments where you feel like you've been sitting for twenty minutes so you have to open your eyes--because for sure there has to have been a malfunction with the alarm on your phone since it never went off (obvi), only to see that it's barely been five minutes?

Yep. Those are the reasons meditation watches were made. 

They were created so that you can sit and focus on the important things-like relaxing. And settling into Self.

Having something that you can depend on is important through your practice.

Reminiscing about these exact moments in my past brought me to this point where I just had to include a list for my meditation tools guide.

So I went on a search to find the best meditation watches out there.

But, after searching, I was pretty disappointed. There is a huge blank spot when it comes to meditation watches. Yeah, there's a lot of alarms out there, but nothing specifically made for meditation. In my heart, I knew that there was something out there that I could share. So I kept searching,  and I found it.

The Enso Meditation Timer. The only meditation watch on the market. Trust me I have searched high and low. (Don't get it twisted. There are plenty that call themselves meditation timers--but in all honesty, they're not.)

This meditation timer is amazing. I absolutely love how easy it is to use and even more than that I love the gong sound that it makes when the alarm goes off. It brings me back to many a meditation retreat where actual gongs are used to signal the end of our session. So peaceful and serene. A necessity if an alarm is going to call itself a meditation watch.

But that's not even what makes this watch legit. What makes this an actual meditation watch is its ability to set different timers within one setting. For example--with chanting. Maybe you want to chant for ten minutes, and then move on to mindfulness meditation after. You can't do that with a regular timer. But completely doable with the Enso.

Another great thing? When its set and running you won't get distracted by the actual amount of time you've been practicing. It only shows a decreasing circle until the time is done. So if you should open your eyes you won't go into a mental frenzy and start spazzing internally about how you still haven't gotten into deep meditation and there are only 2 minutes left. All you see is the decreasing circle which makes it much easier to drift back into your practice.

Finally--it's perfect for travel. It's small and it comes with its own carrying case so that you can take it with you to classes or out at the park if you feel like taking your practice out of the office or your home.

Pricing: Worth its monetary value.  The only timer like this on the market. Completely worth it!

You can check out the Enso Meditation Timer here.

Meditation timer watches

BONUS PRACTICE: Ok so throughout my search I came across these beautiful hourglasses. The first thing I thought when I saw these was  "mindfulness timers."

meditation timer watch
"Beautiful mindfulness timers."

If you've never heard of mindfulness, mindfulness is the simple act of being present. 

If you've been practicing meditation for a while then you've probably started taking your practice off of the mat and into life by focusing on your breath when emotions come up, or some other aspect within yourself.

Now, this can be kind of difficult to maintain consistently for newbies and seasoned practitioners alike, but totally doable if you set a timer and focus for 30-minute chunks.

Here's the Process: Set your timer for 30 minutes and focus on being present. Present within the moment.

To be present means to be completely anchored within your Self, and not your thoughts.

The way you do it is to focus. Focus completely on what you're doing, and/or on your breath.

As thoughts come in, go back to your focus.
meditation timer watches
For example, let's say you're cooking. Set your mindfulness timer and while you're cooking focus on
the feel of the ingredients and the air that you're breathing, anchoring yourself into the moment. When thoughts come in, go back to the feel of cutting your vegetables, or breathing in deeply.

Mindfulness creates a presence within your life, which creates space for enjoying the moments that you're in.

Life isn't lived until you experience it through the eyes of being mindful. 

Eckhart Tolle calls this living in the now.

Now, I'd say your phone is fine to set for this type of practice. But if you want to beautify your practice, you can check out these gorgeous mindfulness timers here.

I hope this has helped. If you're interested in the rest of this meditation tools guide, you can check it out here.

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