Using Crystal Healing Pendants For Healing

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Crystal healing pendants

Crystals are one of God's given natural healing methods within the earth. They're not only beautiful but they create vibrational change to whoever uses them.
"Everything is vibration." - Albert Einstein 
In order to create the healing that you want in your life, you need to vibrate the energy you are after. 
Your vibration creates your reality. (Abraham Hicks is one of my absolute favorite teachers of this. She is amazing and you can check her out here.)

In order to create healing in your life, true healing, you must find that healing within yourself. The feeling of it. The feeling of peace, and love. And sit there in that energy as often as you can. This will begin to take over the energy that you want to replace, creating a new version of your energetic self. 
Yeah. It's that deep.
But it's pretty simple. 
To experience health, you have to emanate health. 
Health is nothing more than peace, and love, as I mentioned earlier. The more you can exude these feelings, the brighter and lighter your energy will become. Clearing any dark spots or disease. 
You can think of it as your body being clogged with the disease, ok? Not the best visual since it may remind you of some really gross moments involving overflow and plumbers, but, if you're looking for healing, it's actually really good. So your body is clogged with whatever bad feelings got you there. 
They've overflowed into your body. Creating the disease. 
Once you start emanating and exuding these new feelings of peace and love on a more consistent basis, they begin to move the clog out. You begin to clear yourself with these new energies. And healing begins to occur. 
Using crystal healing pendants is one the easiest ways to achieve this. 
Crystal Healing Pendants 
Crystals contain their own pure vibrations. Using them within your life and wearing them in jewelry is a great way to harness their healing power for manifesting your intentions and what you want to create in your life. 
Crystals help to create a connection through the vibration that they emanate. And when you wear them you will find that you feel the vibration and this vibration shifts your energy. 
Crystal healing pendants are intuitive as well. They actually pick up on your personal vibrational energy and they boost your positive vibes. What does that mean to you?  Whenever you wear the crystal healing pendants, you vibrate their energy, which increases your own positive energy--and in turn, boosts that energy as well! So its a beautiful cycle of constant positive energy. 
Simply wearing them creates healing. 
First Steps After Purchasing Your Crystal 
Once you purchase your crystal, you have it clear and reprogram it. This process is pretty simple. 
The first step is to cleanse your crystal. Energy Muse suggests some great ways to clear your crystals and I've shared them below. 
You can cleanse your crystal in several ways. Pick whichever feels good to you. 
1. Immerse your crystal in the smoke of a burning sage stick, Frankincense resin or Copal incense. 
2. Place your crystal out under the light of the sun or the full moon for at least 4 hours. 
3. Bury your crystal in the Earth and allow it to become recharged with Earth energy. If it’s a smaller crystal, you can place it on top of a Clear Quartz crystal or selenite crystal to clear and cleanse any stuck energy.
Once you're done, you're free to wear your crystal pendant for healing often. 
Crystal Healing Pendants  Perfect For Healing 
These are some of my favorites on my favorite crystals site Energy Muse

crystal healing stones pendant necklaces

The love junkie does all things with love. You are lifted by the power of an open heart and feel fulfilled when others return the love you ignite in their lives. Love is unconditional in your eyes and your work is to nurture the world by creating more space for harmony, kindness, and peace. You are a hopeless romantic and believe in all that is good. Rose Quartz is your crystal ally for all matters of the heart. It asks you to go within your heart, to space that knows love is the answer to all questions in life. You can find it here.

crystal healing stones pendant necklace

Prosperity • Abundance • Luck

Since ancient times, the combination of Jade & 3 Chinese Coins tied with red string has been used to encourage prosperity in all areas of your life. Our Prosperity Necklace is a wearable version of this Feng Shui formula and is the original Energy Muse piece. Find it here.
crystal healing stones pendant necklace

Affluence • Blessings • Peace
Made with Quartz Crystal,  Sri Yantra Necklace was created using sacred geometry to bring affluence, abundance, and blessings into your life. Clear Quartz is one of the most beneficial crystals to wear for healing and spiritual consciousness. Find it here.

crystal healing stones pendant necklace

Nothing can tie down a free spirit like yours. Your curious nature is always leading you toward new and exciting paths. If you feel that familiar urge beckoning you to walk in a different direction, don’t hesitate. A spirit that is truly free has no space for fear or doubt. Let this Chrysocolla necklace awaken a powerful force within you. It will help guide you with confidence, creativity and motivation so that you can let go of the past and invest in a bright, new future. Find it here.

crystal healing stones pendant necklace

Protection • Healing • Miracles
The Sacred Quartz Crystal Necklace was hand-delivered from the John of God spiritual healing center, the Casa de Dom Inacio de Layola, in Brazil. His spiritual center stands on the biggest crystal deposit in the world. It has been strongly energized for protection, healing, and positive energy. 
These stones are powerful crystals for addiction recovery, making it very beneficial for anyone trying to overcome an addiction. Find it here.

crystal healing stones pendant necklace

Letting Go • Reinvent • Change
Old habits are hard to break, but with the energy of this Transformation necklace, it gets a lot easier. While it’s still up to you to put in the effort, the energy of this necklace was specifically designed to help you overcome the obstacles of stress, pressure, fear, and doubt that can trigger a relapse into negative patterns. Made with HematiteAmethystOnyx, and Obsidian, this Transformation necklace was designed to dissolve and transform unwanted energy. Release your worries. The energy of this necklace is about tuning you into your true self, and rejecting the false image created by negativity. 

That's it! Using crystal healing pedants for healing is simple and easy. I wish nothing but love, peace, and healing for you.
crystal healing pendants

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